Natasha Davies

Project Role: Advisory Board Member

Professional Role: Policy and Research Lead, Chwarae Teg

Natasha is the Policy and Research Lead at gender equality charity Chwarae Teg. For 30 years, Chwarae Teg has been the leading voice in Wales calling for action to tackle the causes of gender inequality, to ensure all women enjoy equitable outcomes in the economy, are fairly represented in public life and decision-making and no longer face the risk of violence and abuse or poverty.

Natasha has a firm understanding of the policy landscape in Wales, particularly in relation to equality, poverty, education and skills and the economy. She regularly prepares consultations and briefing papers, translating research into policy recommendations for both the UK and Welsh governments. Most recently, Natasha has led the Gender Equality Review, which has considered how Welsh Government can strengthen its approach to achieving gender equality.

Public procurement has been a theme throughout much of the work undertaken by Chwarae Teg, as a main lever through which the Welsh Government can push for change in relation to equality in the workplace, fair work and social justice. The forthcoming Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Bill will be an important area of focus this year to ensure all opportunities to deliver social justice through procurement in Wales are maximised.


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