Short articles from the project team

How do Australia, South Africa and the UK compare in their use of public procurement for equality?

Posted by Tessa Wright on March 1, 2024

Tessa Wright, Hazel Conley and E.K. Sarter Australia, South Africa and the UK have all adopted policies to encourage the use of public procurement to reduce gender, race and socio-economic inequality. But each country has taken a different approach to the regulation of public procurement (purchasing by the public sector from private and third sector […]

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From ‘good work’ to ‘fair work’: how Scotland and Wales may be leading the way in equality

Posted by The Project Team on March 30, 2023

In this blog Dr Joyce Mamode considers how the Scottish and Welsh Fair Work agendas may offer offer greater potential to advance equality and achieve broader social justice objectives than the UK-wide ‘good work’ agenda.   Our career ambitions and expectations of the barriers we might encounter on the way are, in some ways, unique […]

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Investment and equality – lessons from Scotland

Posted by Tessa Wright on February 21, 2023

Chris Oswald Economic Recovery & English Regions, Equality & Human Rights Commission and Member of Project Advisory Board The recent announcement of £2.1bn Levelling Up (LU) funding is good news for local economies. Overall 111 places across the UK will benefit from the funds, securing on average £20m to support local development, infrastructure, heritage or […]

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A three-nations perspective on creating ‘social value’ from procurement in the face of public spending cuts

Posted by The Project Team on January 13, 2023

Professor Hazel Conley i The current economic and political climate is nothing if not volatile, a position that does not usually bode well for either equality or public spending. In the economic context of rising inflation, rapidly increasing interest rates and rocketing fuel costs, the political strategy has lurched from a momentary focus on growth […]

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